Vernissage mit Pipo Schaad

Vernissage mit Pipo Schaad zum 2.

Lovers, Saints, Sinners and Devils

Vernissage:  15.April 2010

Ausstellung:  16.April 2010 bis 1.Juni 2010

This colorful story begins at the Red Cross hospital in Zurich on the eleventh day in november, the year is 1977. Elvis has died that same year while others just begin their journey, my  birth certificate shows the following repeating numbers as my date of birth, My early educational career began just as mysterious as my date of birth. While other kids were on time for kindergarden class i was more interested in counting  snails along the way or collecting dewdrops with my hat.

Since then i have visited countless schools in different parts of switzerland before i moved to the United Staates where i graduated in 2006 with an Associates of Arts (with emphasis on photography) from the Community College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. Throughout my early childhood until now i have always found pleasure in painting. During the seven years i have spent in Las Vegas i have set up a little studio in the garage and i started to paint larger scale canvases with Acryl and oil sticks. While it was a hobby i enjoied besides school some people started to show interest in my paintings and i, for the first time, sold some works.

After graduating i decided to move back to Switzerland. I took on some jobs and finished two apprenticeships in the film industry for which my interest seemed to fade away slowly. I started to work several odd jobs to pay for rent and setup a new little studio in my cellar. Mostly through my brothers connections, people in Zurich got aware of my paintings and soon after i had the chance for my first solo exhibition at the Mad Art Gallery in 2008. The show went really good, i sold half of the pieces and more importantly i have gotten loads of good feedback and have ever since been asked to produce new works.

Whenever i`m asked what the meaning behind a certain painting is i must admit that a lot of times i do not know it for myself, Mostly a meaning emerges over a certain period of time after i have walked past a painting over and over again and reflected upon it. I have never seen my paintings as anything grounbreaking but in the end the shoe fits and i find satisfaction in what i have created.To me, painting is to love, to create something fresh with my own two hands. When i paint i`m on another level, a place where i feel comfort, strenght and pleasure. Oftentimes the themes are saints and sinners, love and hate, kings and fools, in general things that stand in contrast to one another. It is a way to process certain feelings and emotions for me. Since canvas is quite expensive i paint on whatever is around, if i see an object, a big cardboard or a large piece of wood i just pick it up from the street and paint it. I like the idea that one can turn trash into something brandnew
and give the object back some life. Like lots of artists i do not like to talk about art or a certain piece of work, i believe that a piece should stand on its own and either one finds pleasure in it or not, i like the idea that every viewer sees an image differently and that a piece can evoke multiple feelings and emotions.

Author: Marc Menden

the Chief of this tribe.

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